...one step beyond
18th – 21st April 2014,
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, UK.

About Satellite 4

“Science Fiction ... Science Fact ... Science Fun”

…have been the underlying principles of all three previous Satellite conventions.

A key feature of these events has been exploration of the interface and interactions between science fiction and science, with a huge dollop of fun and silliness thrown in. Where else could you find out about the most inadvisable ever developments in rocket science; have the chance to build your own trebuchet and launch mini-Mars bars through the designer light-fittings of a luxury hotel; or witness the convention Science Guest demonstrate Archimedes Principle by sticking his head in a bucket of water!?

In October 2007, Satellite 1 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1, whilst looking back over 50 years of science and 50 years of science fiction. Satellite 2, in July 2009, coincided with the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, giving us the opportunity to look at portrayals of the moon in SF literature, TV and movies, and to ask what the future holds for manned space exploration. It then became apparent that we couldn’t keep following space anniversaries around the calendar, not least because of potential clashes with other conventions, and so we made an agreement with Redemption to run in between their conventions, taking a late February slot in even-numbered years. Satellite 3 took place in February 2012. The focus was the SF and science of Mars, with a passing look at what’s happening in the Chinese Space Programme.

Satellite 4 would have been a local convention in February 2014, but for something huge and exciting happening that year – the London Worldcon! With the most experienced UK con-runners all heavily committed to London 2014, we reckoned the best way we could contribute was to step up and run the Eastercon. And so a Bid was born…

Satellite 4 will continue and expand the trends began in our previous conventions. Naturally we will feature hard SF and science, but our scope will be much broader and grander, as befits an Eastercon. Our programme will be packed with panels and discussions, not just on science fiction, but also focussed on fantasy, SF art, and of course the state of fandom itself. We shall have talks on aspects of the science behind the fiction – both serious and not so serious. There will be workshops to let you try your hand at new activities, plus games and quizzes to bring in the fun.

We‘ll also have the traditional dancing, costuming, art show, dealers’ room and other attractions that make up an Eastercon.

We are especially keen to ease the transition into congoing for first timers, and have some ideas for how to achieve that. We hope to have some items aimed specifically at younger fans. We are also currently investigating cost and space implications of providing a crèche to free-up parents to attend and participate in programme.

We’ll be posting more details here as our plans develop, so please re-visit the site from time to time.