...one step beyond
18th – 21st April 2014,
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, UK.

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Advance Membership closes in 2 days

Just a reminder, we are closing advance membership at midnight on Friday (4th April). After that, we will only be selling memberships on-the-door, so sign up soon to take advantage of our discounted rates.

We will also be closing advance convention T-shirt orders at the same time so please get your order in if you want to wear you tee with pride at the con.

If you intend to join at the convention but still require hotel accommodation to be arranged in advance, please email us at hotel@satellite4.org.uk and we will send you the booking codes.

Added on 2014-04-02 13:47 by Michael

BSFA Awards Reminder

The British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Awards are presented annually at Eastercon. Convention members are eligible to vote, and forms will be available at Satellite4. There are several categories in the awards: Novel, Short Story, Artwork, and Non-Fiction. The full list of nominees is at
http://www.bsfa.co.uk/bsfa-awards-the-shortlist/ and that includes links to some of the works.

Added on 2014-04-01 16:47 by Fran

Additional Club Rooms & Suites at the Crowne Plaza

The Crowne plaza have added some additional rooms to the booking site.
They have added some club rooms at £120/£145 for single/double
occupancy, and some 2 room suites at £180/£205.

There are still some standard rooms available at the Hilton Garden Inn
and the Marriott.

More information available at http://www.satellite4.org.uk/?page=hotel

Added on 2014-03-28 10:09 by Mark

Real Ale & cider

Thanks to a special arrangement between Kelburn Brewery and the Crowne Plaza, we will have our very own mini-beer festival at Satellite 4, with a truly stunning range of ales and ciders on offer over the weekend!

There will be two or three real ales on tap throughout the weekend. In addition the brewery will supply smaller quantities of a number of their other beers at different times. Each will be available for a limited period only. Although the list isn't finalised, we expect it to include such popular favourites as:

Goldihops 3.8%
Pivo Estivo 3.9%
Red Smiddy 4.5%
Dark Moor 4.5%
Cart Noir 4.8%

...and more besides. So be sure to watch out for them!

We are also delighted to introduce:

Oook Ale 4.5%
A limited edition ale produced by Kelburn exclusively for Satellite 4. This is an intriguing dark ale, with an easy-going banana finish, inspired by Discworld's most famous Librarian (and named with Sir Terry's permission).

Kelburn Brewery has also sourced more than a dozen different ciders for members to try, covering the full range from sweet to dry. Again the list isn't finalised, but is likely to include:

Gwatkin Perry - dry
Westcroft Janet's Jungle Juice - medium/dry
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill - medium
Bollhayes - medium
Rich's Legbender - sweet

Best of all, the brewery will be on standby to monitor consumption over the weekend and supply additional casks of real ale should we be in danger of consuming all the stock at the hotel.


Please note that Satellite 4 encourages responsible drinking.

Added on 2014-03-25 17:25 by Mark

Advance Membership Closes Soon

Our advance membership rates will only be available until the end of the 4th of April. After that, membership will only be available on the door. Please sign up (or convert your supporting membership) before the 4th if you want to take advantage of our lower advance booking prices.

Both the advance and on-the-door rates are shown under the ‘Join Satellite 4’ link on the left.

Please pass this information on to anyone else who might be interested

Added on 2014-03-25 16:40 by Michael