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18th – 21st April 2014,
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, UK.

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LARP website goes live!

As we posted a few days ago, Satellite 4 is pleased to host ‘Luna 1’ – a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game created by David Cheval. We are pleased to say the website is now live so please pre-register via the big blue button (go to the website -you will see what I mean) if you want to join in the fun!

Added on 2014-03-24 20:08 by Michael

Rubbish Convention

We're planning to have a Chaos Modelling Workshop on the Monday of Satellite 4, and are looking of donations of CLEAN, high-quality junk to make into space craft e.g. interestingly shaped bits of packaging, plastic bottles etc. Thanks in anticipation!

Added on 2014-03-21 17:20 by Christine

New Ag Fans

So what were you doing exactly one month before the con? Well, it turns out our Fan Guests of Honour, Steve and Alice Lawson, were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary on the 18th of March. On behalf of the whole convention we send you congratulations for your landmark day and hope you had a great time. Here’s to the next 25!

Added on 2014-03-20 09:54 by Michael

The Satellite 4 LARP - Luna 1

Satellite 4 will be hosting a LARP running over the 4 days of the convention. It is being created by David Cheval, so you know it will be good! To help David get an idea of numbers to plan for, if you intend to participate in the LARP please pre-register by emailing luna1.larp@gmail.com to indicate your interest.

Also, there will be a dedicated LARP website at Luna 1 LARP. At present this site is still under construction but please keep an eye out on it as the LARP develops.

Added on 2014-03-19 17:29 by Michael

Website load problems

Over the last couple of days, some of our visitors have noticed an issue with the website taking a very long time to respond to page requests. This is due to a Denial of Service attack which has been going on against another web site in the same part of the network, and is hence causing congestion in that area.

There really isn't anything we can do to fix this problem, other than hope that the attack is stopped soon. For the moment, if a page is taking a long time to load, request it again (click the link again, or whatever); chances are the second attempt will go through right away.

Added on 2014-03-18 22:55 by admin