...one step beyond
18th – 21st April 2014,
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, UK.

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Hotel Booking FAQ's

Below are the answers to some queries we've had from members.

Q1: Will my credit card be charged on booking?
A1: No. You will be charged on checkout.

Q2: They system won't let me book because my credit card expires before April 2014.
A1: We are reliably informed that if you 'accidentally mistype' the expiry date as being in 2015 the booking will be processed successfully.

Q3: I didn't receive an e-mail with the booking code - why?
A3: Various scenarios have occurred so far:

your computer has flagged it as junk mail
you didn't provide an e-mail address when joining
you've changed your e-mail address since joining
you mistyped your e-mail when joining on-line
we mistyped your e-mail when transferring it from a paper form (in which case we do apologise - though some forms were quite hard to read).

Please check your SPAM folder if you suspect option (a). If you suspect other options, try logging into My Membership using whatever e-mail address you think you've provided. If it doesn't work, there's a mismatch with what is in the database. To fix this, please e-mail enquires with a note of your name, membership number, and your correct e-mail address. We'll update the database accordingly.

Added on 2013-05-03 10:52 by Christine

Approximate programme timings

For those booking travel and hotel rooms, you might like to know that our current plan is to run most programme items between roughly 3 pm on Friday and 6 pm on Monday - similar to Eightsquared.

Added on 2013-05-01 15:03 by Christine

Satellite 4 Hotel Bookings now opened

Hotel booking has now opened for Satellite 4. Members should have received an email with details. More information on our Hotel page - http://www.satellite4.org.uk/?page=hotel

Added on 2013-05-01 14:55 by Mark

Gauging Voyagers' progress

The nice people from NASA have invited the public to fly along with Voyagers as they leave the Solar System. The mission website will be displaying gauges indicating the latest cosmic ray information showing the current status of the two craft as they head out into interstellar space.

Added on 2013-04-29 13:26 by Michael

Where will you be in one year's time?

Hopefully, sitting down at the Satellite 4 Opening Ceremony!

Yes, it's exactly one year to go. Our plans are coming together nicely and we're very much looking forward to seeing everyone in Glasgow in 2014.

Added on 2013-04-18 14:21 by Michael